Nanette provided excellent service and I would highly recommend her. She offers several options and was very knowledgeable and helpful. She took the time to make sure I had the best possible experience to obtain great results. She was thoughtful and friendly. I couldn’t have had a better experience. Thank you, Nannette! 02.12.2024 · Karen

01.26.2024 · Joyce


Enjoy working with Nanette. I am seeing results. 01.20.2024 · Joyce.

01.17.2024 · Kim


I love love the warm environment and the comfort of her service. She took her time answering questions. She is such a nice lady and I highly recommend this service. She takes her time and makes sure you get the beautiful you. 11.29.2023 · Z

My experience is always warm and welcoming. I leave feeling better and more relaxed! 11.04.2023 · Gina

I just had a full body massage and I felt fantastic after it was done. I never felt so good. I will be coming back monthly to keep up on my body massages. Nanette is wonderful. She's very pleasant and we have great conversations, if you would like. I do so I keep talking with her. She's just wonderful. I recommend her highly. 09.14.2023 · Cindy

Nanette is wonderful! I haven't made it through all of my body contouring sessions yet, but I do feel that it's working! 07.27.2023 · Mallory

Great relaxing atmosphere & effective treatment. Highly recommended. 07.24.2023 · Matthew Saxe

Nanette always does a great job, and she always teaches me something new while I'm there. She's so sweet and so well educated. I've been seeing her for years and highly recommend her! 06.21.2023 · Ann C.

Nanette is caring and attentive. I have definitely been pleased with results of my cavitation services. 06.01.2023 · Char M.

Nanette is very sweet. She makes you feel comfortable and her voice is soothing. I love my results already after one treatment! 02.28.2023 · Shawanna

I really enjoy my session, very professional, clean space, friendly. I looked for my next appointment. Thanks 02.20.2023 · Mariola

02.13.2023 · Zury

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Great service and place! I could see a huge difference in my body. 02.11.2023 · Moema

Nanette is wonderful to work with. The experience is very relaxing. Noticed results after two sessions. Will definitely return. 02.11.2023 · Bobbi McKechnie

Nannette is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise and she does an amazing job. Would recommend her to everyone! 01.14.2023 · Tonjia Dye

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I had this done once before and lost about 7 lbs. This is my 2nd round. Easiest way to trim up a belly ! 12.28.2022 · Heidi Schleicher