Providing you superior customer service combined with body beautifying maderotherapy, massage, and body contouring. Located in a clean and friendly environment for all your body treatment needs.

Based on my over 5 years experience in body sculpting touching bodies and faces helping women, men look and feel better I have discovered a few things: 

  • You really want to relax and not make any decisions in treatment room 
  • You need body treatments that work for your specific body needs 
  • You want to the results that reveal the new you in your favorite shorts, jeans, and dresses. 
  • You want to show it off your vacation in Bali.

The body treatment menu is simple and easy- Theres a few body treatments type to choose from.


The most effective massage for cellulite removal. Maderotherpay is therapy originating from Colombia and based on the use of anatomically designed tools of wood which make therapy 100% natural.



Massage therapy for various conditions such as stress, fibromyalgia, low-back pain and more.


Body Contouring

Ultrasonic fat cavitation is  painless and  effective for fat loss and combined with radio frequency you will get collagen boost. 

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