Your First Visit at Beautiful YOU Body Sculpting

We see a variety of people with variety of body and skin goals. The great news is that with our thorough intake process we get to guide you to  the best path  for body treatments.

We hope you feel comfortable and confident on your first visit.

Step 1: Health Intake forms

All new clients at Beautiful you Body Sculpting are required to fill out a health intake form which generally takes about 10 Minutes to complete. Our systems allows you to submit this electronically before you show up on your first day so we can get right to work!

Step2: Consultation
one on one consultation will be conducted between yourself and team member in order to determine exactly what health issues you are experiencing and to identitfy your specific goals. We want to know exactly what past an current issues have brought you to to your current state.

Step 3: Assessment
Body Sculpting/madero therapy- clients we will take before and after pictures and measurements,
Massage therapy/madero therapy- clients we will do posture analysis and assess what we think is going with your muscles.

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