1. Groupon is offered as an Introduction to our services. Multiple sessions will be needed for optimal results. 

  2. We do honor all Groupon vouchers on or after their expiration date. 

  3. Due to Covid 19 – Groupon has extended all expiration dates to one year from original purchase date.

Booking in advance

Due to our growing population and success, you can expect a few weeks wait to be seen for your very first visit.  We do apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, since you ARE ALL eager to find a spot in the calendar immediately.  We do our very best to accommodate what is accurate and readily available online at all times. 


  1. Optimal results require time… an investment and commitment from you. 

  2. Weekly to bi-weekly visits will be needed, depending on procedures chosen. 

  3. Facials require two weeks apart between treatments. 

  4. Body treatments generally are done weekly. 

  5. Treatment plans are advised in your consultation. 

  6. Proper diet and exercise are very important along with treatments for optimal results, along with keeping hydrated

  7. Individual results can vary.

Booking a Groupon appointment online 

  1. Only 1 purchase per Groupon accepted. 

  2. Your Groupon code will be redeemed on your first visit, treatment can’t be provided without the Groupon code.

  3. If you have multiple appointments, we will book all others for you on your first visit. 

  4. Online booking allows for FIRST APPOINTMENTS ONLY.  Expect a 60 minute session for your first visit.


  • As soon as your appointment is scheduled with your first & last name, complete email address and phone number.

You will receive an instant confirmation text and email. (If you do not receive an immediate notification, your appointment was not successfully booked, repeat).

  1. You will receive 2 reminders, one, 3 days before your appointment and another one the day before your appointment.

  2. You can also confirm your appointment by opening your reminder email and selecting “confirm appointment”.