Body Contouring uses ultrasound waves which cause a shaking thru the vibration of the fat cells. The fat cells burst open creating a emulsification of fat and proteins called lipids in those cells. The fat cells cannot withstand the vibration and the lipids (fat) inside the cell leak out into the space around the fat cell. The lipids then release into your system and are then burnt off as calories.

Benefits of Ultrasonic  cavitation

Non invasive 

low level ultrasonic waves 



No risk involved

No downtime

Results happen right away depending on your body composition

Easy and relaxing 


Ultrasound Cavitation treatment isn’t recommend for the following: 

Pregnant or breast feeding 

Metallic implants such as pins, prostheses and pacemaker

Intrauterine devices (avoid abdomen)


Cancer at any time in any form

Blood disorders

Internal heat in the body  e.g. fever or acute inflammation

Heart disease

Kidney and liver disease

Severe high blood pressure 

Deep vein thrombosis or varicose veins 

Hemorrhagic diseases, trauma, vascular rupture

Inflammation of the veins, phlebitis 

Treatment with anticoagulants, anti inflammatories or antibiotics 

Taking steroids for a long time 


Internal bleeding (e.g. ulcers) 

Autoimmune diseases 

Red, dry, and itchy skin rash 

Urinary incontinence

Transmissible disease

During menstruation ( avoid abdominals)

Under 18 

If you have any other diseases or medical concerns please discuss this with you doctor or us before your session

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening


The Tri-polar Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Treatment increases the temperature on the sub dermal level. This shortens the collagen fibres and stimulates the fibroblast cells, which in turn produces the new collagen and restores the elastine- collagen network, smoothing out the cellulite and tightening the skin. During each Radio Frequency Treatment you will feel a brief sensation of heat with little to no discomfort.

What can you expect during a session?

During your consultation you will meet Myself, a Certified Massage therapist and Esthetician, who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your consultation. You will also be shown exsiting before and after images of clients just like you, so that you will get a real feel for how your body could be transformed. At the end of your consultation, you will be presented with your recommended treatment programs as well transparent pricing for you to take home to consider. Each clients treatment plan is personal tailored, desgined to help each individual look and feel better.

Although your treatment is completely painless, you will hear a high pitched hum or ringing in your ear. This is your inner ear picking up the vibrations of the ultrasonic waves translating it into a sound ringing,